5 x 5 Equine Program

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5 x 5 Program for veteransPlease join us for our 5 x 5 Program for Veterans to support equine programs for those in our community recovering from the impact of trauma.

Medicine Horse  received funding from the US Department of Veterans Affairs that specifically focuses on adaptive sports programs for disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces. With this program Medicine Horse is pleased to offer Fall/Spring/Summer sessions for veterans to come experience Equine Assisted Therapy with our organization. This program is designed for veterans and will provide adaptive lessons and assist participants with costs associated with Equine Assisted Therapy. We encourage anyone who meets this criteria to submit an application.

Dates for the upcoming programs are: April 2018, July 2018.

Applications can be found VA Adaptive Sports Application Please also fill out the Medicine Horse Center of Montana Release

Please contact Larry Cannon, Veteran Outreach Program Specialist 406-257-7308 for applications, questions or more information

5 x 5 Program for veteransCome join us!  No riding or horse experience needed.

 Check out Medicine Horse in the Flathead Beacon!

The Five by Five Equine Program for Veterans is designed to assist veterans in developing coping skills to deal with traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, or relationship issues and foster resiliency and wellness on their own terms. Veterans who are dealing with high level stressors: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), MST (Military Sexual Trauma), pre-deployment, post deployment, redeployment burn out and compassion fatigue are very common and vary in their intensity from person to person. Difficult life transitions such a reintegration/retirement stages can also benefit greatly from this program.  We provide carefully considered activities with our horses and the development of relational and recreational horsemanship skills that are experiential and supportive in nature to address mental and behavioral health issues for military personnel, veterans and their families. For veterans experiencing the enduring effects of post traumatic stress recovery can be a complicated process. Equine assisted mental health is a multi-faceted treatment approach with evidence of positive treatment outcomes for post traumatic stress.

5 x 5 Program for veterans