Good Grief


Join me in  the Good Grief Support Program–

an experiential (individual or group) process for women overcoming grief and loss; an equine-assisted workshop focusing on the 4 Tasks of Mourning and creative activities exploring your grief and fiercely loving broken heart.

goodgrief_medicinehorsemt.comThis is a experiential process for women overcoming grief and loss. Adversity and loss come in many different forms. Some of the common ones are job loss/layoff, death of a loved one or pet, loss of a dream, divorce, miscarriage, health diagnosis, career change, and many more…


  • Are you having a hard time adapting to your new reality following your adversity/loss?
  • Are you feeling isolated, like there`s no one you can talk to about your adversity/loss?
  • Are you feeling like you`re never going to recover from your adversity/loss.

It is possible to recover from loss and create something more fulfilling than you ever thought possible. You can and will build a rich, rewarding life after loss while still honoring your grief. This program will get you started by helping you to explore your grief in a safe, manageable way with practical tools meant to address the stark reality of living in pain. Please call or contact Natalie for more information.

Skills are introduced and developed by incorporating effective strategies, activities and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Art Therapy. This is an experiential program – you will learn by doing and
• There is no horse riding. All activities with the horses are on the ground. No horse handling skills required
• No art or creative skills required