Grief and Loss

Distress Haiku – You think that their dying is the worst thing that could happen. Then they stay dead. ~Jane Kenyon

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One possible consequence of trauma is loss—of safety, of life, of relationships. I understand that an important step in the healing process is the compassionate acknowledgment of and grieving for losses.

Additionally, I believe that losses themselves can be traumatic. Trauma comes in many forms, including losses—of loved ones, pets, relationships, or a current pathway in our lives.  Each person’s loss is personal. With help you can move through your own stages of grief, understanding and coping with the emotional and physical manifestations of the pain. grief and loss
Grief is a normal and necessary human emotion: our natural response to losing something or someone that is deeply meaningful to us. Yet we live in a world where those experiencing major losses are often denied the time and space necessary to mourn, to do the work of grief and to heal. Grief spans from the ordinary to the traumatic, from normal losses which are inherent in growing up to those more traumatic losses such as betrayals, abuse, serious illness or sudden death.
Grief can feel devastating. Emotional, physical and relational turmoil often accompany grief, and it is hard to know where to channel it. Sorrow must be given a voice or it may manifest itself as depression, anxiety, illness, addiction, or hopelessness.
grief and loss

Regardless of its nature, grief is an intensely personal experience. Our responses are intricately woven with our sense of who we are and how we see our place in the world, with our concepts of the purpose of life and the meaning of the loss. Thus how one comes to make meaning of their loss is crucial to their sense of self and their future.

You may be alone in your grief, but you don’t have to carry it alone.

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