Military Sexual Trauma Courage Group


Service Women Survivors Of Sexual Trauma

  • Dates:            April-7- June 9, 2016
  • Time:              5:30-7:00PM
  •  Location:    Flathead Valley Community Collegedroplets

777 Grandview Drive

Broussard Center,

RM:BC 125

Kalispell, Montana



This 10 week Courage Group is for service women who may have a history of childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual assault in adulthood, including military sexual trauma.

Any sexual assault can severely traumatize and impede interpersonal and intimate relationships for a very long time. Sexual assault survivors usually have emotional and physical reactions that fall into three stages.

Shock: This can last from a few hours to a few weeks. The survivor experiences shock, disbelief, fear and anger. She may have phobic reactions to the place where the assault occurred. She may also have flashbacks, an immediate sense of reliving the sexual assault, nightmares and trouble sleeping.

Adjustment: During this stage the survivor begins to feel like her life is returning to normal and tries to regain some sense of control. She may deny the impact of the assault.

Resolution: This is when the healing and recovery process occurs. It is often a uncomfortable period for the survivor. She may have many of the same feelings she experienced immediately following the assault, but now she is closer to being ready to resolve them. She may feel depressed, experience mood swings, feel cut off from others, or need to isolate herself. During the stage of recovery, many survivors seek the services of a professional counselor.courage

Every person and situation is different, survivors of sexual assault respond to an assault in different ways. Many factors can influence an individual’s recovery from sexual assault.  Some examples include the following:

  • The severity of the assault and the circumstances surrounding the assault.
  • The survivor’s relationship to the perpetrator.
  • The survivor’s age and maturity level.
  • How the police and medical workers respond the assault.
  • How the survivor views the attack and the meaning she gives it.
  • The survivors support system and the quality of response from the victim’s family and friends.

Some survivors of sexual assault are more resilient and recovery fairly quickly, whereas others may feel the effects of the experience throughout their lifetime.

The Path to Recovery

Individual counseling is highly recommended. Any person who has courage group_medicinehorsemt.combeen sexually assaulted will benefit from individual counseling sessions with a caring, experienced mental health professional.

Group therapy for sexual assault survivors is an excellent way for survivors to process their experiences in a safe, supportive nonjudgmental atmosphere.

The Courage Group is a therapist-facilitated group for adult, female survivors of sexual assault. The group setting provides a safe place for women to come together and begin to heal following the trauma of rape. Through sharing of their experiences, the women discover they are not alone in their emotional pain. Acceptance, support and validation form the foundation of this group. Research has shown that group counseling is one of the most effective ways to work through issues surrounding sexual assault.heart knocker

 VA Referral and Pre-interview with therapist required. For more information about the group please contact Natalie at: 756-7638