Northern Rockies Equine Assisted Practitioners Association (NREAPA)


NREAPA Conference

May 4th-6th, 2018

It’s All About The Horse – Choosing And Caring For Your Equine Partner

NREAPA’S 1st Conference will take place in Missoula at Willowbend Farm and the focus and theme is “It’s All About The Horse”. Our debt of gratitude to the horses we work with and who give so much and so generously to us and to our clients cannot be overestimated or over emphasized.  A primary motivation for this Conference theme was the need to address and explore the care and consideration of our horses in our work but also the wider picture in terms of their behavior and their communication. We are fortunate to have some of the most prominent leaders in the equine assisted therapies field present at the conference.

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Northern Rockies Equine Assisted Practitioners Association is a group of Professionals and Equine Specialists who use the human horse bond to facilitate healing and education through equine assisted mental health, equine assisted physical therapy and equine assisted learning.


NREAPA desires to educate, aid in the development of, and provide direction to those desiring a deeper understanding of the connection between horse and human and the healing that can take place as a result.


The NREAPA is a non-profit organization to help promote the common professional interests of its members and advance the science and profession of equine assisted therapies and engage in any and or all of the following purposes:


  1. An association to improve the quality of equine assisted care available to the public and to establish and maintain high standards of excellence in a particular equine assisted specialty. The organization promotes the common business interests of equine assisted practitioners and qualifies as a business league described in IRS 501(c)(6).
  2. To promote the general advancement of the equine assisted practitioners professional development and equine health and welfare;
  3. To promote public understanding and educate the public in the area of equine assisted modalities;
  4. To provide a forum for exchange of equine assisted modalities information;
  5. To facilitate training, education and research in the equine assisted;
  6. Exchange of Services and Contributing to the field;
  7. Additionally, our members will adhere to ethical standards, both for the clients we serve and the health and welfare of the equines who we work with. The Ethical Standards are aspirational in nature. Their intent is to guide and inspire practitioners toward the very highest ethical ideals of the profession.NREAPA
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