Work With Natalie

Work with Natalie

For Therapists

Try something that will intrigue you and offer a unique perspective. Get out of the office and try something that will challenge you with new thinking and ways to work with your clients.

Working with a client who may be stuck? Contact me and let’s talk about collaborating with Equine Assisted work. I work with other therapists and their clients, providing you the opportunity to gain insight and help your client develop a deeper sense self-awareness, increase client motivation and attendance; improve interpersonal skills and relationships; developing increased feelings of self-efficacy, empowerment, and resilience; and experiencing physiological benefits through contact with horses that enable clients to be more open and relaxed during treatment in an environment that is nurturing to both you and your client.

Professional Consulting

If you want to add trauma informed equine programming  to your practice but not sure how to get started or need someone to get your program to the next level, let’s talk about how I can work with you to make this a reality. I am a passionate about advocating and supporting to equine practitioners to help promote common professional interests and advance the science and profession of equine assisted therapies.

Our debt of gratitude to the horses we work with and who give so much and so generously to us and to our clients cannot be overestimated or over emphasized.  A fundamental aspect of this work is to to address and explore the care and consideration of our horses in our work but also the broader picture in terms of their behavior and their communication. I am committed to the safe, ethical and professional standards in the equine-assisted activities and therapies industry. Creating new programming and adding the benefits of equine work is a passion for me.  I’d love to talk to you about the “HOW”Contact me for a free consult about your goals.

There are lots ways to work with Natalie either individually or with your team to bring trauma-informed equine assisted therapy to your practice.

Work with Natalie Individual Intensive Program

If you are ready to add equine assisted therapies to your business and are ready to invest and to get started NOW, Medicine Horse offers a Individual Intensive Program for the business owner who wants one-on-one guidance.

You receive one-on-one time with Natalie to address your goals, questions, or understanding for incorporating or enhancing a trauma-informed equine assisted approach.

The Individual Intensive Program addresses your specific situation and goals. Common goals and topics include:

  • Gathering information about implementing an equine assisted therapeutic approach in your practice.
  • Wondering about the practicality of starting or partnering in a EAP/EAL practice.
  • Looking for support with activities, finding a niche, understanding how working with a trauma informed lens impacts your practice.
  • Introduction to equine-assisted activities & equine-assisted therapies
  • The “nuts-and-bolts” of incorporating equine-assisted therapy
  • Foundations of equine-facilitated mental health
  • Facilitation skills for equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning
  • Equine selection, retention and management
  • Equine Property Design & Pasture Management
  • Self and professional growth and development
  • Business management and/or private practice related questions

If you’re ready to add equine assisted therapies to your practice, take the first step here.

On Site or In Person Consultation

If you are starting with a new team, beginning a new program, or want a hands on learning experience, I will come to your site and do a training to meet your needs.

Sometimes it is about clarifying roles, talking about equine selection, retention and management or behavior, facilitation skills for equine-assisted mental health or wanting to discuss a place where you are stuck or need additional resources.

If you’re ready to build your team or add a new program to your practice, take the first step here.

work with Natalie