Therapy for Women

Women’s Issues
women's counseling

Are You a Woman Who Is Feeling Overwhelmed, Hopeless, and Unsure Where to Turn? Does everyone else seem to think you’ve got it all together, yet, inside, you feel totally out of control?


Women’s issues often include struggling with feeling stressed, overwhelmed, suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, perinatal mood disorders, relationship difficulties or report that they just “don’t feel happy”. Oftentimes, these can be during particular life transition times, such as beginning a family, children starting school, going through menopause, becoming an empty nester, divorce, facing job changes or retirement.

Many women struggle with their need to nurture others versus their need for independent self-assertion. You may feel caught in a pattern in which you support others until you feel resentful about sacrificing yourself, perhaps by swallowing your longings for self-expression or creative time alone. Or you may find yourself in a situation where being a woman seems to be preventing you from getting ahead, and you are uncertain about what to do.

Counseling can help women:

women's counseling
• bring more joy into your life
• heal old hurts and wounds
• forgive others or yourself
• manage anxiety or depression
• learn new ways of self care using the mind, body, and spirit connection
• examine unrealistic expectations and create more realistic goals for life
• examine negative or unhelpful thinking patterns and habits, and establish new thought patterns to become more self confident!

I help women everyday navigate life events and transitions that are not easy.  Please know that you can work through the fear that is holding you back and deal with the trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship issues in your life.

I can support you through a life event and help you learn new skills such as problem-solving, gain a new perspective, and understanding your options. Together we can help you develop skills that improve your relationships, move past old beliefs that are no longer true, and you can step into a new stage of your life.

Explore how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

We can talk about your situation to see if you and I are a good fit to work toward your goals.  Working with a therapist you can relate to is one of the most important pieces of moving forward.

Call me to talk about your reasons for seeking  help and possible options for addressing your goals. We will make a plan based on your needs and your situation.